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Opening of shops, public transport...

On April 23, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia presented the Proposal of Conclusion on measures to initiate economic and other activities and activities in the conditions of the declared epidemic of the disease COVID-19.

The priority of the Government is the protection of human lives and health, as well as the functioning of the economy. The epidemiological situation in Croatia is under control thanks to the responsible behavior of citizens who have understood and recognized the severity of the threat.

The Prime Minister explained that the relaunch of economic and other activities will take place in three phases.

The first phase - opening of shops, public transport, training
The first phase begins on Monday, April 27, 2020.

1)  it enables all business entities engaged in the trade activity, except those operating within the shopping malls;
2) it is possible to continue the work of all business entities engaged in service activities, except for those in which close contact with clients is achieved, respecting the measures of physical distance (eg carpenter, tailor, making keys, branch of travel agencies, photo studio ...);
3) public and suburban public transport lines and express lines for islands not connected by ferry are being introduced;
4) libraries, museums, galleries, antiques and bookstores are open;
5) trainings for athletes I and II categories are provided in individual sports and senior sports teams competing in the highest level of competition;
6) it is possible to conduct a state professional examination for priority groups of students.


Second phase - full operation of the healthcare system, hairdressers, beauticians, barbers
If the first phase will prove as successful, and with measures to prevent the epidemiological situation from worsening, the second phase will follow from Monday, May 4, 2020.

1) the full operation of the public health system will be made possible, with the exception under the Ministry of Health measures;
2) full-scale private health care will be provided, with respect to all specific epidemiological measures;
3) it will allow all business entities that engage in close contact with clients, but with respect to specific epidemiological measures, to protect workers and clients (for example, cosmetics, pedicures, barbers and hairdressers).


The third phase - gatherings of up to 10 people, the operation of shopping centers, kindergartens, classroom instruction
The third phase is scheduled for May 11, 2020

1) up to 10 people will be able to gather in one place, while respecting physical distance measures;
2) shopping malls will be facilitated in compliance with specific epidemiological measures;
3) pre-school institutions and classes from grades 1-4 and special classes will be facilitated, as well as work with children with disabilities who have a teaching assistant;
4) laboratory, artistic and clinical exercises and small group work in higher education will be facilitated;
5) inter-county and domestic air services will be introduced;
6) catering facilities will be provided exclusively in outdoor areas and terraces with respect to specific epidemiological measures;
7) catering facilities will only be provided for accommodation users;
8) national and nature parks will be able to operate;
9) the conditions for issuing e-passes will be expanded.


All three phases assume the application and strict adherence to the so-called horizontal measures:
1. the continued adherence to all measures of physical distance, the highest standard of hygiene and disinfection of space;
2. continued adherence to the obligation of employers to provide working conditions in accordance with epidemiological measures and to allow work from home where possible, to organize distance meetings and to prohibit the arrival of workers with fever and respiratory syndromes,
3. the continued ban on holding public events and large gatherings;
4. it is recommended that you wear a face mask in shops and public transport. To this end, the Croatian Institute of Public Health will develop and publish precise instructions on the use of face masks, protective and medical masks;
5. it is recommended that the elderly, those with chronic noncommunicable diseases and other persons at increased risk of COVID-19 be left at home and are less exposed to infection because they are the most vulnerable group.


The Croatian Institute of Public Health, together with the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, will make recommendations and instructions that will relate to:
- on the number and keeping of people indoors according to the square footage of the building;
- for two shifts in shops;
- for performing agricultural activities;
- for holding the State exam for high school (so-called Matura)  from June 8-29, 2020
- and for holding religious gatherings from May 2, 2020 onwards.

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