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New Civil Protection Headquarters...

The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia has issued Decisions to execute the measures planned for the second phase, which will apply from May 4, 2020:

1. Decision on the use of children's playgrounds and outdoor sports fields and how to engage in outdoor sports during the declared COVID-19 disease epidemic

Pursuant to this Decision, children's playgrounds, outdoor sports fields and other outdoor sports facilities may be used subject to general anti-epidemic measures and specific recommendations and instructions published by the Croatian Institute for Public Health on its website.

Outdoor recreational sports are also allowed, subject to anti-epidemic measures by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

2. Modification of the Decision on necessary measures to limit social gatherings, work in commerce, services and holding sporting and cultural events during the declared COVID-19 disease epidemic

A strict measure of physical distance requires avoiding close personal contact at a distance of at least two (2) meters indoors and one (1) meters outdoors.

An amendment to this Decision allows:
1) the work of business entities engaged in service activities in which close contact with clients is achieved while observing the Croatian Institute of Public Health anti-epidemic measures (massage parlors, hairdressers, beauticians, barbers, pedicures);
2) religious gathering with respect to the Croatian Institute of Public Health anti-epidemic measures (from May 3, 2020).

3. Return of the hospital system to normal functioning (operation of public and private healthcare system)

Despite its size, the hospital system in the Republic of Croatia, in an enviably short time, adapted to all the epidemic's requirements and provided top-quality health care for COVID-19 patients, while also providing urgent hospital care to emergency and priority patients (vulnerable, oncological).

Now, in the face of a favorable epidemiological situation, it is facing the new challenges of gradually returning to regular work, under a strict regime whereby it is imperative to protect patients and hospital staff from potential coronavirus infection. In the coming weeks, hospitals will contact all patients on the waiting list (from the past 2 months and for the coming months) to be informed of the exact dates when they need to call for hospital services.

In keeping with the epidemiological guidelines, hospitals will strive to adjust working hours, depending on the availability of health care providers, to reimburse previously planned health care services for March and April to provide patients with the necessary health care.

 Regarding primary health care, during the epidemic, doctors worked according to working hours as before the epidemic. In order to protect the health of health care workers and patients, and to prevent the spread of coronavirus, only emergency and non-emergency cases were performed, and the rest was administered as chronic therapy by telecommunication channels.

 Urgent specialist examinations were referred through priority e-ordering and A5 referrals in consultation with a specialist based on medical records without the presence of a patient.

 For examinations and swabs at health centers, so-called COVID outpatients for family and dental medicine.

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