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All classes move to online mode (from...

Following the trend of worsening the epidemiological situation and the exponential trend of expansion in Istria, the existing scientific and teaching capacities of the University in accordance with the decision of the Senate to protect the health of employees, students and their familie, decision is made to switch to online classes during the week from 15 .- 19.11.2021 (Decision valid only for that week).

Classes from 15.11.2021. to 19.11.2021 will take place in a virtual environment (distance learning system of the University) according to the established schedule.
Knowledge tests will also be held online.
The library and all services of the University will continue to work according to the current schedule.
The planned classes will continue to be held according to the established schedule and model as it has been held so far from November 22, 2021. and in case of deterioration of the epidemiological situation, the University will react in a timely manner and make new decisions in accordance with the epidemiological situation at that time.

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