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Erasmus + project "Cell Biology...

The Agency for Mobility and European Union Programs has approved funding for the project "Cell Biology and Art Class Omnibus - (CACAO)" led by the University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula. The project was approved within the key activities 220, Cooperation partnerships in the field of education and general education in the amount of EUR 261.546,00 EUR.

The project partners are Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Spain), Musica, Impulscentrum voor Muziek (Belgium), Petar Pan Kindergarten (Zagreb), Embassy International School Sp. Zoo. (Poland), Il Girotondo coop socaile srl (Italy) and fabula movens d.o.o. (Croatia).

The CACAO partnership brings together scientists, researchers, artists, preschool and school teachers to pool their knowledge and skills to develop high-quality innovative curricula for early childhood education and care. The CACAO program will take advantage of the enormous benefits and increase the essential inclusive nature of music and the arts at STEM with an emphasis on biology among educators / teachers and children aged 5 to 6 years. The CACAO project will design learning activities combining music, art and biology using components present in our everyday environment. CACAO will include children with special educational needs using art as an educational tool. Children with special learning needs will be within CACAO learning activities to be equally valuable, supported, and time-enabled to progress together with their peers, creating belonging, engagement and learning. Furthermore, the project will support the professionalization of early childhood education and care staff.

The project will result in five project results. The first intellectual result is a curriculum for children aged 5-6 through lessons and academic content taught in an innovative inclusive CACAO program. Another intellectual result is the curriculum for preschool education in which knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors are necessary for the successful implementation of the CACAO program. The third intellectual effect is a web repository of activities designed to implement the CACAO program. This intellectual effect is intended not only for educators but also for parents. Activities will include songs, semi-structured collaborative musical activities, games, and semi-guided collaborative artistic creation. The same activities will be described at different levels of complexity, tailored to children with special needs. The fourth intellectual result is an online learning course for an educator that will cover everything defined by the education curriculum. The fifth intellectual result will be a comprehensive final report that will include a structured evaluation of all project activities.

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