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The University of Pula reviewed the...

Within the work-package two "WP2: Guidelines and Protocols for incoming students, safety and security", Juraj Dobrila University of  Pula reviewed two Israeli universities: the College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN) and Kinneret Academic College.

Head of the Office for Partnerships and Projects Ivona Peternel, PhD, led the peer-review process, which consisted of a process for evaluating guidelines and protocols for incoming students. The whole process consisted of a self-assessment of the process of Israeli higher education institutions (with a checklist and self-reflection of the process); expert assessments of the EU partner institutions and a summary report of the quality management team.

Larger international institutions are expected to improve policies / guidelines in specific areas which need revision, while smaller faculties will work to strengthen core levels. In addition, in the context of the COVID pandemic, it was found that the institutions had developed new updated protocols and guidelines for these processes.


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