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Office for Partnership and Projects of Juraj Dobrila University of Pula received twenty-one application for training, teaching and combined (training and teaching) purpose for staff mobility directions of partner countries: Russian Federation, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia and Israel.

Candidates who submitted complete applications are:

Croatia – Russian Federation
1. Tea Golja (teaching) 
2. Eliana Moscarda Mirković (training) 
3. Karlo Griparić (training) 
4. Irena Mikulaco (combination of teaching and training)

Croatia – Canada
1. Kristina Afrić Rakitovac (combination of teaching and training) 
2. Violeta Šugar (combination of teaching and training) 

Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
1. Dean Sinković (teaching) - realized
2. Alfio Barbieri (training) – realized

Croatia - Armenia
1. prof. dr. sc. Moira Kostić Bobanović (teaching)

Russian Federation - Croatia
1. Nina Orlova (teaching) 
2. Victor Akopyan (teaching) 
3. Irina Fedotova (teaching)

Armenia – Croatia
1. Vard Ghukasyan (training) 
2. Arpine Hakobyan (training)
3. Aram Hovhannisyan (training) 
4. Shusan Movsisyan (training) 
5. Manush Kalantryan (training) 
6. Arsen Petrosyan (teaching) 

Israel – Croatia
1. Iris Soroker (teaching)

Canada – Croatia
1. Miyuki Arai (training)

Candidate who did not submit complete application is:

Armenia – Croatia
1. Lilit Avetisyan (teaching)

Office for Partnership and Project confirmed the formal and qualitative validity of twenty applications.
Complete applications from twenty candidates have been approved for the realization of mobility in accordance with the funds allocated by the Agency for EU Programs and Funds.

The Erasmus+ Committee adds a remark to all future candidates that the focus of the application should be on a detailed explanation of the work program proposal at the receiving institution, as it affects the ranking list and the quality of the approved mobility in relation to other applications.

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