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All Juraj Dobrila University of Pula students, from April 6, 2020, have the possibility to use Google Suite services and we are using them to receive and send e-mail, manage shared and personal calendars, for e-learning and group work. Student user accounts now have e-mail domain name "student.unipu.hr" and this e-mail service is used as an official communication channel within the University. Students are required to use it when contacting teachers and staff, as they are not required to take into account messages sent from other email addresses. All official notices will be delivered to the addresses of students on their e-mail @student.unipu.hr.

The Google Suite Mail sign-in address is:

Setting instructions are provided in (old) mail available at:

The most important thing is to get started with the following 3 steps:

  1. when you first need to enter your new e-mail address, type username@student.unipu.hr
  2. when you are asked what your AAI@EduHr identity is, you type username@unipu.hr
  3. finally, set up a mail alias in the form of name.surname@student.unipu.hr (because in the future you will send messages from the name.surname@student.unipu.hr instead of username@unipu.hr).

In case you were using the old e-mail service, old e-mail messages are still available for you to delete, download and / or optionally transfer to the new Google Suite e-mail service.

Start using the new service:


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