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Successfully held Welcome Day for...

The Office for Partnership and Projects of the Juraj Dobrila Universityof Pula held a Welcome day in live, but due to the COVID19 situation in two terms on October 8, 2021. and October 12, 2021. for Erasmus students who came to the University of Pula in the winter semester and several students for the whole academic year 2021/2022.

Due to several absences due to the COVID19 situation this academic year, we received 56 students on 5 different Faculties/departments. Most students come from Spain, France and Portugal, Belgium and Romania. There were also two students from outside the European continent such as Brazil and Armenia.

At Welcome day, the head of the Office for Partnerships and Projects, Ph.D. Ivona Peternel then expert associate for cooperation and mobility Diana Kolarik mag. oec. and several ECTS coordinators together with representatives of student services who will be at the service of Erasmus students were introduced to the students. Students are acquainted in more detail with their obsessions during mobility and are also acquainted with student life both at the University of Pula and beyond.

Due to epidemiological measures, it was not possible to socialize and talk with students in the usual way with a small snack, but we believe that students are very well accepted into the community of Juraj Dobrla University of Pula and that students will gain many quality and successful experiences during their mobility.

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