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An unforgettable Erasmus experience...

Two Erasmus incoming students were staying at our University during the last winter semester, the academic year 2022/2023. The Erasmus experience in Pula was so striking and positive and their friendship and connection so strong that they decided to meet again in Pula. Those are their unforgettable experience and stories.

Martin KráI from the University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

I came to Pula with an experience of 5 months already spent in Croatia (Dubrovnik). Thanks to that, many things were easier and similar but the Erasmus mobility in Pula gave me something more. New travel experiences, new knowledge but especially new friendships which didn't come to an end after we left Pula. Thanks to that I visited this unique city again, more than 7 months after my departure. Together with Walter we revived our memories and created new experiences crowned with our participation in Pula Marathon. I'm glad I visited this special place again.


Walter Graziano from the University of Bologna, Italy

Hi, I'm Walter Graziano, a student from the University of Bologna and I came to Pula, for the first time, for my Erasmus in the winter semester of the academic year 2022/2023. To be honest, this was my first 'real' experience abroad as I actually have been already in Dublin for another Erasmus Project (Integres) but just for one week. This time my mobility lasted 5 months and the result was completely different. I chose the city of Pula, because I saw that is really related to Italian history and because of its nature which I consider the main attraction of the city (for example, the awesome beaches and their landscapes), supported by the Roman buildings, like the Amphitheater, the Arch of Sergi and all the other beautiful monuments. 

I conducted some research about the University of Pula and realized that is not a very old one, so it could have been also a good reason to discover a new academic environment and a different method of teaching and evaluating students, which I honestly preferred much more to the Italian one. The period here was very enjoyable and I really felt at home, never missed anything from Italy, and the people I met were very special to me and will always be. I really appreciated that the professors here are very friendly, and don't leave formal the relation with students. I was quite surprised about that because this can really help students to be included, and empowered on the taught topics, which luckily were much more practical and not concepts-oriented. After all, I came again because I really missed this place for these 7 months and I really wanted to see the characteristic places of the city again, which have been pivotal for our Erasmus period, as much as the Istria matches during our spare time. Martin and I also took part in the amazing Half-Marathon Xica which we both successfully finished with very good timing, This unique and successful experience represents one of my favorite sports achievements.

I think I will often come back to Pula because it's now one of my favorite places, and maybe if it is possible, I will also try to be helpful to this place and the University somehow in the future.

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