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COST akcija 15221, pod akronimom: We ReLaTe, je uputila poziv svim zainteresiranima na sudjelovanje u jesenskom treningu na temu razvoja kvalitativnih i kvantitativnih istraživačkih metoda, znanja i vještina. Edukacija je namijenjena akademskom osoblju svih razina. Trening će se održati od 10. do 14. rujna 2018. na Europen University of Tirana, u Albaniji. Prijave su do 15. lipnja.

Za više informacija javite se stručnoj suradnici za međunarodne projekte i programe mr. sc. Barbari Unković.

We ReLaTe: Advancing effective institutional models towards cohesive teaching, learning, research and writing development.

Autumn Training School

COST Action 15221 will host a training school from the 10th – 14th September 2018 as part of its work plan.  The event will take place in European University of Tirana, Albania.

The purpose of this hands-on practical training school is to help participants to develop both their qualitative and their quantitative research methods, knowledge and skills.  They will do this by analysing the qualitative data gathered from focus groups with key informants, where the focus groups were conducted in May and June of 2018.  They will also develop a draft quantitative questionnaire which will be informed by the focus group data analysis, and the final iteration of which will be used as part of the COST Action.

The following is indicative content for the training school:

  • Introduction to focus groups and questionnaires as data gathering tools.

  • Collaborative thematic analysis of focus group data using a six stage approach

  • Using the thematic analysis of focus group data to inform the design of an online quantitative questionnaire

  • Drafting data gathering protocols, summary information and consent forms for use with online questionnaires.

  • Drafting of ethical approval submission for the use of a questionnaire with key informants.

  • Considering the broader use of qualitative and quantitative data gathering and exploring potential applications within one’s own research and/or institution.

Please note: where applicants are offered a place on the training school and wish to take it up, they must agree to transcribe one hour of focus group interview in advance to the event.

The training school will take place at The European University of Tirana (UET), Albania http://www.uet.edu.al/index.php/en/  

For further information please contact Erika Melonashi by email on erika.melonashi@uet.edu.al

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