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Socialism on the Bench 2023

6th International Conference Socialism on the Bench

Pula, September 28–30, 2023

State socialist and market socialist societies went through a series of adaptations while trying to enhance the performance of the system in power. Sometimes the motivation for these changes was a matter of ideological evolution of the system and general modernization, but now and then the trigger was a specific crisis in a certain sector, such as unemployment growth, low industrial productivity, irregular supply, inadequate tax or social welfare systems, emigration, outdated curricula, lack of funding for culture or maybe ineffective local administration. A crisis could be admitted or denied, postponed or accelerated. A reform could be a popular or a painful measure, a success or a defeat. The conference call is interested in all these extremes and the panoply of shades in between, in other words both in large scale watersheds and miniature structures of problems and their solutions. We hope the papers will provide answers to the following questions and more: what are the reasons for political, social, financial and other crises; who are the actors of crises and are they also the agents of change who design and implement reforms; are the crises used as opportunities for larger transformations; do reforms bring improvements or cause chaos in the known and established order; how are crises and reforms presented to the public and what is the perception of these processes among different social groups including the everyday surroundings.

The conference languages are Croatian (and mutually understandable languages) and English. Participants’ presentation time is 15 minutes. We accept individual applications, but it is possible to indicate the desire to participate in a specific panel. It is also possible to suggest events like book launches and round tables.

There is no conference fee. Conference organizers will provide a meal per day and arrange a discount at the recommended hotel. Participants will have to arrange their own trip and accommodation.

Application form (Google Forms, deadline April 1, 2023)

Cancellations after September 20 (pdf)

Keynote speakers
Professor Lilijana Burcar, University of Ljubljana
Professor emerita Sabrina Petra Ramet, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim
Professor Josip Tica, University of Zagreb

Conference venue
Faculty of Economy and Tourism Dr. Mijo Mirković (FET)
Preradovićeva 1, Pula, location
Lecture Hall Pula
Rooms 302, 303, 403, 404

by the FET main entrance, in front of the Lecture Hall Pula

Presentations and keynotes
Panels: 15 minutes per presentation and 45 minutes for the panel discussion.
Keynotes: 45 minutes plus discussion max 30 minutes.

Photo album by Sanda Letonja-Marjanović

Programme Committee
Chiara Bonfiglioli (Cork), Ulf Brunnbauer (Regensburg), Anita Buhin (Lisbon), Igor Duda (Pula), Lada Duraković (Pula), Boris Koroman (Pula), Andrea Matošević (Pula), Tanja Petrović (Ljubljana)

Organizing Committee
Anita Buhin (Lisbon), Igor Duda (Pula), Lada Duraković (Pula), Tina Filipović (Pula), Boris Koroman (Pula), Andrea Matošević (Pula), Sara Žerić (Regensburg)

Juraj Dobrila University of Pula
Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism


We thank for the support
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe

Media coverage
Radio Rojc

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