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Newsletter - Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism
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Igor Duda, Anita Buhin

Anita Buhin, anita.buhin[at]gmail.com

Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli)
Zagrebačka 30, 52100 Pula, Croatia
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Available online and sent to subscribers' inboxes (mailing list) at the end of every month.

We are proud to present you the CKPIS Newsletter that will arrive in your mailbox on monthly bases if you are subscribed to our mailing list. It will provide you with the latest information on all major conferences and seminars dealing with or including socialist systems and with a special focus on socialist Yugoslavia, as well as other European socialist countries. The letter will also include news about the most recent publications, exhibitions, movies, scholarships and various positions in the field.
(No. 1, November 2016)

At the very end of this turbulent year, we are reaching the fiftieth issue of our Newsletter. The first issue appeared four years ago, in November 2016. The original concept was designed by Saša Vejzagić as the first editor, and Igor Duda as the CKPIS head in the academic year 2016/17. The last issue edited by Saša Vejzagić was No. 30 (April, 2019), and a month later with No. 32 (June, 2019) Anita Buhin took over the editing and collecting of the news on conferences, publications, positions and grants. No. 6 (April, 2017) was the first one with the section News from CKPIS, whose author ever since has been Igor Duda. Thank you for following us and we hope to bring more good and useful news in the future.
(No. 50, December 2020)