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The project "HEVET" creates new educational content within the existing mandatory course "Philosophy of Education" at the 1st year of bachelor-level at the Teacher studies program at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (FES), by combining innovative teaching methods, interdisciplinary research, and "networking" at the local/state community level​​​​​​. ​​​​

Its goals are: 1) innovating teaching - delivered by interdisciplinary and international teaching staff (philosophers, sociologists, pedagogues); considering that interdisciplinarity is key to conveying complex "European values" and "values ​​education" to students; digitization of teaching and reliance on the so-called "blended learning" or mixed teaching methods; 2) knowledge & skills transfer - networking with practitioners from the field of European policies (especially educational) and with other stakeholders active in the field of European policies and their popularization (e.g. EDIC, Representation of the EC in HR); 3) research dissemination & communication of project results - through critical reflection on European values ​​and their place in European education policies, as well as in education policy at the national level, primarily through scientific publishing (professional and scientific works from project team members, scientific monograph) and through round table on the topic "EdUcators: European values ​​in classrooms".

UNIPU team

  • Ass. Prof. Marin Beroš, PhD (external associate)
  • Prof. Fulvio Šuran, PhD

Expected project results

"HEVET" will bring invaluable benefits to the UNIPU and the Faculty of Educational Sciences (FES) primarily in terms of enhancing the existing curriculum by introducing an European perspective in one of the compulsory undergraduate courses; by strengthening teaching capacities through the interdisciplinary and international dimension of the "HEVET" project team through cooperation with the University of Split and the University of Tampere; by generating innovative education thanks to new, planned didactic content as well as scientific publications; finally, the specialist knowledge gathered by attending this module (course) will improve the employability of FES students, considering that knowledge of European topics is increasingly in demand by Croatian educational institutions.​​​​​​

Length of project (dates):

  • 1. 10. 2021. – 30.9. 2024. (3 years)

Full project’s budget: 18.000 EURO

UNIPU budget: 4.500 euro

Project’s number and finance programme: 101047438 –  Program Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activities


  • University of Split, Faculty of Philosophy
  • University of Tampere, Teacher Training School

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